Gratitudes, How to, Centralstation for You

This month, our November, thanksgiving time, it is good for our hearts to consider all that we are grateful for. Yet also, it is a season of change, and loss,from leaves falling from trees,and less light, to possible bereavement-of some relationships, or loss of our own physical functions, and possible loss of family and friends as we cycle through more seasons in life.
So before gratitudes, it can help to sit in silence. If some sadness or loss has not been given space, attention, or reflection, allow this now.Breathe into your heart. The heart loves, and also can suffer with loss.Let your mind, body and spirit fully open to the richness of your emotions. Perhaps you may want to journal, to call someone, to cycle through memories, and also to consider joyful times from your memory banks.
I like to consider that everything is impermanent, though we strive for stability and hold on fighting change, losses, and the inevitable roller coasters of life. In The Book of Awakening, author Mark Nepo sums up his folly at resisting things,resisting change. Mark reflects on the totality of being in the present, in the wonders of life, every moment, and the resilience of the human spirit. Which leads me to gratitude.
Many people do not have enough food, so help, however you can.
And sitting at a meal, give thanks for your life, your breath, your being alive, and thanks for your home, chair, table, the light that surrounds you, your plate, and silverware.And each item on your plate, from seed to plant, the corn, rice, wheat, potato, from egg to turkey, meat or seafood, the grapeseed to the wine, you can do this.Thank the farmer, grocer, trucker, cook, and dishwasher.
Cultivating gratitude can help our heart, help our digestion, and help our joy in life.
Gratitude as a practice, such as a daily gratitude reflection at bed time, or upon awakening, can help you feel calm and peaceful, and joyful,priceless emotions.Check out for some tips on how to practice gratitude.I have foundational practices for gratitude that I will share with you in my next few posts, but remember the meal based one (above) beyond Thanksgiving!
Health is Wealth,

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