Discover self care, client care, and gain insight in pelvic health. Pelvic health is an indicator of your overall well being.

Grab some popcorn and watch the recorded Moved to Learn Webinar with Host Elizabeth Larkham, on The Pelvic Rehabilitation Guide Across the Lifespan, on YouTube (below). Obtain 20% off the textbook price via code at checkout MTL1906 :order on Handspring Publishing. Discount ends July 19th! The book guides you in knowledge, lifestyle habits and exercises that are medically approved, sustainable, and easy to understand.

Questions or comments? Bladder problems, Digestion Problems, Pelvic Pain Problems? Intimate Health/Functions-Problems? Perinatal, Perimenopausal, Male Pelvic Health, Gut Microbiome concerns? These are all covered in the book with paradigms and programs. Each month I post on these topics with free resources for your education, your health. Enjoy, and e- mail me for more information and notices on upcoming seminars.