Physical Therapy: Concierge Care

Outside of the realm of busy medical clinics, with a passion and joy for providing physical therapy, I am Open for Concierge Care in Bay Park, San Diego. Lifestyle Medicine frames my practice. I investigate, evaluate, guide, coach, and instruct patients with multiple methods to help them reach towards, and achieve their primary goals. This includes helping individuals to steer themselves towards their best possible function. And while readers may think of physical therapy as musculoskeletal medicine with exercise prescriptions and stern treatments from aggressive providers (sorry fellow PT’s but we sometimes have a bad rap), P.T can be more inviting, enjoyable, and an incredible journey of discovery and recovery, resilience and growth.

What do I treat? What does it involve? Here are some “diagnoses” I have worked with over the past year, some with a few sessions, some with 10 or more sessions over several months:

Spine, hip, and leg pain, with prior aggravation from PT, health care provider

Post menopausal urinary incontinence, (teacher)

Male with urinary incontinence after prostatectomy, (business executive)

Pubic symphysis, sacroiliac pain, incontinence, and weak core postpartum, (athlete)

Pelvic organ prolapse: rectocele, and pelvic pain, (health care provider)

Rib and hip pain, low back pain (performing artist)

Foot pain, fibromyalgia, overactive bladder, possible long covid, (holistic health provider)

Abdominal, spine, testicular pain in (male health coach)

Post breast cancer surgery wellness, fitness, pelvic rehabilitation, (business administrator)

Post motor vehicle accident spine care, pelvic care for pain with sex:dyspareunia, (analyst)

You see a variety here-really it is orthopedics, neuro, ms skeletal, motivational interviewing (where you are at, and what you want, and see possible, and may benefit from shifting towards or away from), trauma sensitive care, and then manual therapy, myofascial work, movement practices, and meditation, with a dash of nutrition and sensory-somatic enrichment practices. This is lifestyle medicine, it is wonderful as the possibilities are endless in optimizing and creating healing recipes for you.

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testimonials from clients

“Nobody else found that pain, how it is connected to the other areas” H.S

“I came to you because I knew you would not hurt me” H.M.

“I am doing the movements you showed me, and my walking is better, and less leg pain too.And I am getting better at relaxing now “P.M.

Looking forward to your health and healing, Dr Maureen