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Perinatal, Perimenopausal Self- Care, and Pelvic Health

True/False Similar changes can happen in the pelvic floor muscles in the perinatal time frame as well as the perimenopause time. Answer:True! Hormone changes can have a profound effect on the pelvic floor muscles and women need to know how to navigate these life stages. Pregnancy and birth can alter the function of the pelvic…

Gratitudes, How to, Centralstation for You

This month, our November, thanksgiving time, it is good for our hearts to consider all that we are grateful for. Yet also, it is a season of change, and loss,from leaves falling from trees,and less light, to possible bereavement-of some relationships, or loss of our own physical functions, and possible loss of family and friends…

Health Notes: Functional Fitness – Optimize Your Health

This blog is a shout out for critical keys for health and performance, with fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle tips and insights! Many gyms are closed per COVID, but even when they re-open, having A HOME PROGRAM is an asset for consistency and time management. Phase one: STRENGTH TRAINING: We will guide you through a process…

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